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About Us

How we got here...

We are a family business run out of Crystal Lake, IL.  We began our company based on the fun that we had with a photobooth experience at a wedding.  After working in this business for the past two years, we're still going strong because we do this for the enjoyment of it!

Satisfaction - Guaranteed!

We attend each event that we book! This insures you will have peace of mind as we are 100% responsible for the equipment timely service.

We also are fully interactive with your guests.  We wear our funny props and promote the fun along the way!


Fully stocked prop closet

We bring the toys with us, all you need to do is HAVE FUN!

Closed Booth services

We offer a closed booth setup if this is your preference.  Sneek peek external TV Monitor shares the photos being captured with the observers outside.

Open Booth Setup

If your preference is an open booth setup, we can provide a variety of backdrops and accommodate larger groups wanted to take pictures.

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CLC Entertainment, Inc.

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